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Car Digital 9" Touch Screen Detachable Headrest DVD Player Monitors

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Free Shipping On Car Dual Headrest Dvd Player Monitors With Wireless Headphones

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Choosing The Best Headrest Dvd Player Monitor For Your Budget

Parents are always looking for new and innovative ways to not only entertain their children, but to do it in a manner that is both suitable for the parent and the child. Many families are constantly on the move today. Weather it be traveling across the country or just back and forth from activities like soccer, hockey, gymnastics and other sports. Parents and kids are spending more and more time in their family vehicles than ever before.

In the past, it was coloring books and crayons, to try to keep the Little ones busy. Now with technology changing everyday, we have headrest DVD player monitors. What is that are you asking? Headrest DVD players are pretty much what they sound like. They are car headrests that have a built in DVD player  and monitor in them already. These type of headrests have been around for about 7-8 years, however the technology and capabilities have changed drastically throughout those years.

Most of the headrest DVD players we are going to show you today have the following standard features.

1. Built in Speakers
2. High Definition LCD Displays
3. Built in FM Transmitters ( Allows the audio to play through your vehicle speakers wirelessly )
4. Built in IR Transmitters ( Allows the use of wireless headphones )
5. Gaming System and Controllers. ( includes game CD with many types of children's games )
6. Available in 3 standard colors of Black, Gray and Tan/Beige
7. Some include Cigarette power adapters and a few even have Home power adapters

We are going to show you some samples of available headrest DVD player types that are the most popular, and explain how they are used. For pricing and full features of each type of headrest DVD player, there is a link beneath the photos for your review.

 The first style of headrest DVD player is the All in one type shown below.
best headrest dvd player monitors with zipper covers

Dual 9" Zipper Headrest DVD Player Monitors

These headrests replace your existing headrests in your vehicle. You simply remove your factory headrest and install this type. Installation instructions can be found here How To Install Headrest Monitor Dvd Players In Your Car Guide. As you can see, these headrest DVD players have a zipper cover attached to them. This allows you to cover the headrest monitors when they are not in use. It also serves as a theft deterrent as would be thieves would not know that headrest DVD players were in your vehicle as they look completely normal. These type of headrests come in 7 inch and 9 inch screen size. These are the most popular style of headrest DVD player today.

Next, we are going to look at a similar style as above, with the exception of being Touch screen and detachable.

best digital touch screen headrest dvd player monitors

Dual 9" Digital Touch Screen Headrest Dvd Player Monitors

These headrest also replace your existing headrests in your vehicle and are installed in the same fashion as the above mentioned headrest DVD players. The difference in these being that they have the Touch Screen feature which is nice and very user friendly. They also are detachable. Meaning that you can remove the DVD/Monitor unit from the actual headrest and take it with you into your home if needed. All the wiring is connected to the headrest, so there is nothing to worry about when removing the DVD/Monitor unit. This is also a great theft deterrent. Then when you need to use them once more, simply snap the DVD unit back onto the headrest and press power. This type is only a few dollars more in most cases and is quickly growing in demand.

Moving on now to a few types of Universal headrest DVD players. This type of headrest DVD player can be used in any vehicle since it mounts directly to your vehicles factory headrest posts. Easily removable and full of all the same features as standard headrest DVD players, this is a great choice for families with a leased vehicle in which they do not want to remove anything factory installed that might void a warranty.

best portable tablet headrest dvd player monitors

9" Touch Screen Portable Headrest DVD Player Monitor Tablet

The above headrest DVD player comes with a universal mounting bracket that connects to the posts of your factory headrests. The DVD player simply slides on and off the bracket and can be powered with supplied cigarette power adapters. The great thing about this type of headrest DVD player is that it has an internal battery which charges as it is plugged in, and can be removed from the vehicle and used anywhere on battery power. This particular one also comes with the standard home charger which lets you take it in your home and plug it directly into your wall outlet, thus making it a great choice for in home entertainment as well.

These are the basic types of the most popular headrest DVD players available today. There are a few more and more information about all of the available headrest DVD players can be found here. Buy Headrest DVD Players Today.

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Car Digital 9" Touch Screen Detachable Headrest DVD Player Monitors Review

These Universal Mount Touch Screen DVD Player Headrest Monitors have adjustable mounting brackets which allow them to be easily integrated into your vehicle. Simply mount to the back of your factory headrest posts and are plug and play. Free Shipping from NY, USA!

Best Gifts For Mom & Dad This Holiday Season!

Everyone knows that Mom or Dad who is so hard to buy for when the holidays come around. How many Socks, Ties and Bottle of Perfume do they really need? This year look outside the box for the perfect gift for them.

With the holidays quickly approaching, many families will be going on the annual holiday road trips. Could be just a few blocks away, or could be from New York to California. For those families taking those long road trips who have children, it can be a dreadful thought. Why not make their travels a little easier with an early Christmas present?

Car DVD players have come a long way from the small 7" screen portable types. There are now complete high resolution DVD player and monitor packages. There are 3 main types to look at.

All in one headrest monitors with DVD players, Universal headrest monitors with DVD players and the newest to the market, Center Console Dvd Player Monitors. All have their benefits and depending on the Mom or Dad your buying for, anyone can make a long road trip easier on the ears for them. While the kids are being entertained watching their favorite dvds, Mom and Dad can listen to the radio, or even have a conversation. What's a conversation you ask? Exactly!

So this holiday season, take a look and find that one perfect dvd monitor package that will be sure to get a great big Thank you from your loved ones.

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Car headrest monitor dvd players are helping entertain kids in your car!

Car headrest monitor dvd players are helping entertain kids in your car! Ok, So everyone is always asking how do I entertain my kids in the car when were are traveling or going on some sort of road trip? Kids today are not as easy to occupy in a digital world. In the past reading a book, looking out the window, or counting cars would suffice. Not anymore. Parents are constantly looking for a way to make the road more enjoyable for their children as well as for themselves. There is nothing harder than concentrating on the road while your children are in the back seat fighting, arguing, hitting each other, or screaming. So this is for you parents out there that have been there, done that, with your kids in your car and had no success.

Believe it or not, most new vehicles today have some sort of In-car entertainment system. Such as a DVD player and monitor. Unfortunately, not everyone owns a new car, and for those that are lucky enough to purchase one, the price of a Factory installed DVD monitor entertainment system is in the $1000's.

If that is not an option for you, luckily there are now a large selection of entertainment packages that can be installed in any vehicle for a very reasonable price. Many as little as $100. Some of these options are aftermarket Headrest Monitors with built in DVD player, Flip down or Roof mount as they are sometimes called DVD monitors, and one of the latest options available is a Center console or Armrest Monitor with built in DVD player. Now for a little information on each type and benefits of having one installed in your vehicle.

Headrest Monitors with built in DVD players are the absolute most popular style. They come in 2 common style. Built into the headrest and Portable or Mount style. Both have the options of standard screen controls as well as touch screen models. They come standard with Built in speakers, wireless headphones, gaming CDs and controllers, and FM transmitters which allow the sound from the DVD players to play wirelessly directly through your vehicles speakers. Most are easily removable as well when not in use. Headrest Monitors are a great and affordable way to add a mobile video entertainment system to your vehicle.

Flip Down or Roof Mount DVD monitors are another common addition to many new vehicles. More geared toward SUV's and Vans, these units are mounted to the center of the roof liner of your vehicle directly behind the driver and passenger seats. They come in sizes from 7" up to 25" and can provide hours of enjoyment watching DVD's to the rear passengers. These also come standard with the many options stated above with the headrest monitors. Flip down monitor DVD players are a good choice as when not in use, the fold away, tight to the roof liner and are unseen. Prices start in the low $100 range.

Now, the Center Console or Armrest DVD player is new to the car video market.
One of the easiest to install and most universal products, it mounts directly over the back of your vehicles center console, in between your seats. The console monitor DVD player has a swivel screen, which moves right and left and allows for a perfect viewing angle from any position. Once again, all the same built in features as Headrest and Overhead DVD players. Console DVD monitors are quickly rising in popularity and are becoming the preferred choice of vehicle owners.

All in all, there is a car DVD entertainment system for any vehicle, and any budget. Don't think you cant afford one, think you cant afford not to have one. You would be amazed at how quiet your vehicle can be with the addition of DVD system and your children and other passengers will thank you for it.

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How To Install Headrest Monitor Dvd Players In Your Car Guide

A lot of people are always searching for information on how to install headrest monitors in their specific vehicle. We thought we would address that issue for you buyers out there who are looking for a step by step guide. Remember, this is just a guide to installing some of our headrest DVD player monitors. Each installation will differ from vehicle to vehicle.

First thing you will want to do is remove your factory headrest. In many cases, this is done by pressing a button at the base of the headrest post on the top of the seat. Once pressed, you should be able to slide the headrest and posts upward until they are removed leaving the 2 post holes available on the top of your seat.

Next you will want to take your headrest monitor DVD players and gently pull apart on the headrest posts until the are the exact same distance apart as your factory headrest post. Next, if your seats have removable backings, thank God. No, really, that makes it very easy to continue. Remove the back of your seats if available. Take the headrest monitors with the two posts ( note the power cable is pre run through the headrest post already ) and drop the headrest into position through the post holes on the top of your seats. Be sure to pull the cables that were run through your headrest monitor posts, down to the bottom of your seat. This is where the wiring connection to the power harness will be made.

Now that you have the headrests in position and the headrest monitor cable pulled through, take your power harness which has your RCA connections and Power wires as well as your cigarette adapter connection, and using the S-Video type of connector, Plug it into your headrest cable. ( Be sure to be gentle when plugging the two cables together, as to not damage the little "pins" in the connector )

Once connected you can now put the back of your seat cover in place if it was removed for your installation. Now you have 2 options to choose from for powering your headrest DVD monitor. You can simply take the cigarette adapter which was included in all our headrest monitor DVD packages, and plug it into the power harness adapter. Once plugged in, take the cigarette adapter end and plug that directly into your vehicles 12 V outlet. If you do not want to use the cigarette adapters and would like to hardwire the power harness, read on.

Now you have the power harness connected to the headrest monitors below the seat and you have your standard red/black 2 wire connection. The red wire is for Power, and the black wire is for Ground. Take the black wire and secure it below the seat to the vehicle. The best option for this is usually to loosen one of the bolts that hold down the actual frame of the vehicle seat to the vehicle. Then take the black wire, and secure it underneath that seat from bolt.

Now, for the red wire ( power ) you have a few options, you can connect it to the vehicles battery which requires running a long lead wire from the battery back to and under your seat. We recommend for easy access to power, to tap into your vehicles power seat wire or even the power lead in the center console if available. The red wire can be connected using a standard crimp cap or other crimp connection. Once the Red and black wires are connected, turn on your DVD player and enjoy your favorite movie.

Now, the last option would be to use some Universal Mount headrest Monitor dvd Players and skip the entire installation process :-D

If you are looking for further information or need more detailed assistance, please click here to contact us and we will be sure to help you in any way we can.